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Social inequality is
one of the factors
which best explains

Social inequality is one of the factors which best explains educational differences


In 2013 the Fundación Salud Infantil set up a technical cooperation project for international development based on professional exchanges whose objective is to share training. It includes teaching programmes on Early Care and other social-healthcare subjects, on-line and on-site, in the destination country, both designed for professionals and families.


This personalised tool, adapted to the needs and possibilities of the country, offers free training courses.


The recipients of the training are themselves the actors of change. This concept is one of the differentiating aspects of this project.


According to the Global Campaign for Education, currently 75 million children and 774 million adults have no access to education. These are the poorest people on the planet and precisely those people who would most benefit from the oppor-tunity to learn (World Campaign for Education).


Professional training can be a tool for eradicating these inequalities, for those people who clearly do not have the necessary means to access higher education. FoundWorld was set up to respond to this situation.


This platform, as well as sup-porting organisational programmes in the sector, also establishes a method of teaching and assessment for professionals in developing countries which furthers their professional development.

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What do we do?


The ITDC offers three ways of accessing training:


  • One way is through training courses at different levels, which offers a teaching programme for neuro-development and social-healthcare subjects, from the most basic to the more specialised.


  • Another way is through the option of clinical sessions. This is an online Forum, in real time, that allows the active participation of those taking part.


  • And finally, a repository of technical material, which contains documents and videos of professional interest.


This tool has an “In common ” area which offers the possibility of connecting with other people. For example, healthcare professionals training in Peru can share their experience with other healthcare professional in Spain or in any other country.


How do we do this?


The training and cooperation team of the Fundación Salud Infantil spends time in the countries where it collaborates and works on the training that will be offered on the FoundWorld platform.


This ensures a tailored training, negotiated with the target country, as well as being free and universal. But above all it ensures that the transfer of knowledge is practical and useful.


Territories of action

The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) highlights some geographical priorities for action. This distribution includes less advanced or low-income association countries, middle-income association countries, and advanced cooperation countries.

The Fundación Salud Infantil, registered with AECID as an NGO, operates in the following territories.



  • Peru
  • Morocco


  • Senegal



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Free training for Senegal, Perú, Nicaragua y Marruecos.

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